A Coop With a Cause

Futu worked with the ANG Group, one of Poland’s largest financial organizations, to create a new visual identity, website, visual communication strategy, and an employer branding strategy. We are ANG Group’s creative partner, and have served as the client’s 360 agency since the launch of their ANG Cooperative.

The bold color palette, group photos conveying strong emotions (joy, cooperation, engagement), and dynamic compositions echo the brand philosophy and the values of teamwork, social responsibility, sustainable development, innovation and effectiveness.

The employer branding campaign hinged on the dichotomy between the words corporation and cooperation. This simple yet meaningful pun points to the choice we have between two similar-sounding yet radically different organizational structures. In cooperation, rivalry is replaced with teamwork, co-determination and mutual respect. For the campaign, we created a series of short films in which the members of the cooperative discuss various aspects of their work experiences, including their salaries, co-determination, involvement and community building.


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