Slow journalism

Fathers Magazine is an original project that was born out of a desire to provide a much-needed space for fathers who see their new role as a source of strength and inspiration. The project encompasses a website with compelling content, a print quarterly (published in Polish, English and Chinese) that combines the features of a book and magazine, and a limited edition series of Fathers merchandise.

Embodying the concept of slow journalism, the quarterly is published in three languages: Polish, English and Chinese. It showcases fathers who take a deliberate, mindful approach to parenthood, and covers such topics as travel, lifestyles of various kinds, and the arts.

Fathers places a particularly strong emphasis on its design, with specially planned photo sessions and rich illustrations, complemented by unorthodox writing ranging from long-form journalism and interviews to essays and columns.

The Fathers.pl platform is an extension of our vision of fatherhood as a nexus of various aspects. Themes include: people, places, travel, arts, things, food and events. Fathers.pl combines media and e-commerce: visitors can purchase the magazine in each of its three language versions and learn about upcoming events.


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