Piłsudski in His Own Hand

Poland’s National Center for Culture held a competition to select the official logo and visual identity of the celebrations marking the centenary of the country’s regained independence. The competition was ordered by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and organized in cooperation with the Association of Polish Graphic Designers (STGU).

Futu designed the winning submission, which was based on Józef Piłsudski’s own handwriting. We tracked down his manuscripts in the New Files Archive and scanned pages that contained the Polish words for independent and independence. We then partnered with a forensic handwriting analyst and a calligrapher to strike a balance between Piłsudski’s own style and the legibility of the logo.

To complement the visual system, we created a font inspired by early-twentieth-century documents. This modern yet timeless face features the colors of the national flag; the red adds strength and power, while reflecting the prestige and significance of the centenary of Poland’s regained independence.

In their remarks on the winning submission, the judges emphasized the visual potential of the communication code, noting that the emotional and personal element would help shape the Niepodległa brand and the public’s perception of the celebrations.


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