Endless experience

Prime is a chain of fitness clubs that focuses on building a community around its brand and delivering a top-notch experience for its members. We developed a new visual and communication concept for the brand. Using the defining metaphor of the “Endless Experience,” the gym chain was transformed into a lifestyle brand. The Prime brand is synonymous with activity, relaxation and socializing, and it’s also kid-friendly.

The visual identity and color palette, as well as the involvement of all the senses in the spatial experience, corresponds to the individual areas in the boutique fitness club. Based on Prime’s fitness offer, we developed individual communication categories for each area of the club: active, relax, kid-friendly and social.



This use of space branding is intended to help visualize the character of the brand through the space inside the fitness club. Futu prepared a visual identity system that’s clear and works with the interior architecture of each location. Using details, pictograms, typefaces and color pairing, we emphasized the brand’s personality and profile.


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